Thousands heading to PBIA ahead of blizzard

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 18:28:37-05

A Nor'easter is less than a day away from pounding the mid-Atlantic and northeast. Snowfall could be as much as two feet. At Palm Beach International Airport (PBIA), folks are arriving from across the affected areas.

Thousands of people are arriving ahead of what's being called one of the most paralyzing winter storms.

Airlines have already canceled more than 1,000 flights across the country.

So far, no flights going in and out of PBIA today have been delayed or canceled. But airport staff stresses the importance of checking for any flight changes before heading to the airport.

Folks arriving from up north today were eager to get out of the cold and leave 35 degree temperatures behind them.

"My family is really not a cold family and it's awesome that we're in the heat right now," said 11-year-old Ben Small, visiting with his family from Englewood, NJ.

Mom Alyson added, "It means everything," she said. "Being home stuck for a few days with all these kids it becomes a little challenging."

Kevin Lynch, of Rockland County, NY,  just arrived to play golf with three buddies. He's thrilled to escape shoveling snow this weekend.

"Yeah, it hurts my back," said Lynch. "I'd rather hurt my back swinging a golf club than digging snow out of my driveway."

Airlines including Southwest, United, JetBlue, Delta, Virgin America, Frontier, Spirit and American Airlines are issuing weather waivers for anyone flying in and out of affected areas. Check their websites for more details.