Thieves steal trailer from local bike charity 'Jack the Bike Man'

Trailer was vital part of charity's functions
Posted: 7:04 PM, Jan 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-27 15:03:38-05



A local charity is missing a major piece of their operation, no thanks to some thieves.

UPDATE: "Jack the Bike Man" says his charity now has a new trailer, a security camera system and adequate lighting, following a recent robbery.

It was a disappointing and frustrating sight at the Jack the Bike Man charity on Thursday morning, finding nothing but cut chains and empty blocks where their main trailer once sat.

The trailer used to help children in need has been stolen and West Palm Beach Police are now investigating.

"I hope somebody will see it and get in touch with us because we really need this trailer or another one if someone has a trailer they don't need," said Jack Hairston, founder of Jack the Bike Man Charity.

This is the same trailer WPTV saw just over a month ago when we profiled the charity during a donation run.

The trailer can carry at least 100 bicycles and with so many post-holiday donations coming in, Hairston said he is in desperate need of a trailer to pick up and distribute bikes across the community.

"I used it yesterday to pick up 50 bicycles to bring in, so this is a very important tool," said Hairston. "Without having a way to pick up bikes, it's going to hinder us. This is the most important time of the year because all of the kid bikes were given away at Christmas so now, everyone who got new bikes are donating their old bikes to us -- so we're out every day picking up bikes and now without this, it's going to put a really big dent in things."

The stolen trailer was donated several months ago and staff invested money and nearly three days of work into the trailer to refurbish it.

"We put a lot of sweat equity in it," said Hairston.

He showed us the chain fragment left behind at the crime scene, indicating the thieves used tools to cut through the chains. 

Unfortunately, the bike shop does not have any security cameras.

"We don't have the money to afford a luxury like that," said Hariston.

The trailer is about 18 feet long and has wooden paneling on the sides, with a black metal frame and big wheels.

If you spot the trailer anywhere, please call West Palm Beach police

If you have anything you donate to help Jack the Bike Man, call 561-832-0071.