Teen 'doctor' has new attorney; Trial date set for Sept. 6

Posted at 6:56 AM, Jun 23, 2016

There is a new trial date for a West Palm Beach teen accused of posing as a doctor. 

After parting ways with his attorney for "irreconcilable differences" earlier in the week, Malachi Love-Robinson now has a new attorney.

Love-Robinson wanted 30 days to hire someone new. The judge denied that motion, citing his fast-approaching court date.

The judge on Thursday granted Love-Robinson more time to prepare for the upcoming trial, canceling a July trial date.

A new trial date has now been scheduled for Sept. 6.

Love-Robinson was previously offered a plea deal of three years in prison and five years probation.  The state now says the plea deal is off the table. 

On Monday, Love-Robinson said he’s staying positive, "I’m praying, number one. Just keeping myself calm, that’s all.”

Love-Robinson is accused of defrauding an elderly woman, practicing without a license and grand theft.

Prosecutors said Thursday they have at least eight witnesses ready to testify in one case and five to six others for a separate case.