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Tech experts warn consumers to be wary of hackers this Cyber Monday

Posted at 7:24 PM, Nov 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-24 19:24:51-05

As a busy single mom, Londyn Crowder Maree says online shopping is the way to go. 

“You gotta get home, you gotta make dinner, you gotta do all this extra stuff, so online shopping is very beneficial. I do it very often.”

For online shoppers like her, Cyber Monday is the best day to be plugged in. 

“I think that if you do your homework you can find a deal, you just can’t jump into any,” Maree says. 

Nowadays it seems like finding the best deal is the least concern.  

“Hacking is so big right now, it’s a billion dollar industry to have people’s information on the black market,” Maree says. 

If you think you’re not vulnerable - think again. 

“Everybody’s really trying hard not to be hacked,” says NewsChannel 5 Tech Expert Alan Crowetz ( “But I say we’re past that point.”

Crowetz says there are ways to protect yourself. 

For starters - when buying online, less is actually more. 

“Give them less information. A lot of times the forms you don’t have to put everything in there.”

When it comes to putting in your email address, consider signing up for a disposable one.  

“You can still get the email, but the if the email’s hacked you can delete that sub account of your email and still continue to get your regular emails,” he says. 

He says if the Uber scandal shows one thing, it’s be wary of apps. 

“When in doubt, don’t use an app,” Crowetz says. “If there’s an app that’s asking too much information, or has a track record of sharing, you may not want to use it.”

Londyn says she knows she may not be able to avoid being hacked - but she can at least lower her chances. 

“A hacker is a hacker is a hacker. A hacker will get you regardless. So you have to think in a preventative way.”

Crowetz also says Always use a unique password for every site. 

Also, avoid using a debit card if you can.