Students get refurbished computers to take home

Posted at 4:37 AM, Dec 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-16 04:37:00-05

In a world where paper and pencil is a thing of the past, growing up without a computer is a challenge.
So when one local middle school discovered that hundreds of its students didn't have a computer at home, it decided to change that.
For the first time, 11-year-old Sincladja Jean Louis can finally do her homework on a computer at home.

"I would probably just go to the library and copy some stuff or type some stuff," said Sincladja.
Before Tuesday night, the 6th grader has never had a computer in her home.

"We used to rush a lot go out to the library, rush to Kinkos," said Sincladja's mother Sindy Deisan.
Her school, Jeaga Middle School, discovered there were a lot of other students in the same situation.

The school sent out a survey to about 1,100 students. Administrators learned nearly half of the students didn't have a computer at home.
"We have a lot of online remedial programs, like Study Island, where students can go home and practice what they've learned if they're not proficient. And if a student doesn't have access to a computer, how are we going to increase their proficiency," said Allison deGregory, the assistant principal.
The school refurbished 100 computers, and through a partnership with Comcast, families will be able to get Internet access for only $10 a month.
Tuesday night school gave a crash course on setting up their computers.
"It's going to be like easier because now that I have a computer I don't have to go to the library and do all that work when I can just do it all at home," said Sincladja.

The school is hoping to get another 400 computers to give out to students in need.