Sober house HOA ordered to pay water bill

Posted at 3:03 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-11 18:30:32-04

A Palm Beach County judge has ruled that the home owner association for a sober living condo complex must make arrangements to pay an overdue water bill.

The ruling was made after the city of West Palm Beach shut off water at the Green Terrace Apartments last week but no one living there received shut off notices.

Angela Ciriello has lived at Green Terrace for five years and never had problems until recently.

"Nobody wants water off."

Angela now worries about her five month old daughter and others.

"Yeah I was worried about her. I was worried about the elderly who can hardly walk who don't have cars," says Ciriello.

The city's water department says the association owes $22,000.

At a court hearing Monday, an attorney representing several tenants at Green Terrace argued there is money to pay the water bill.
HOA President Sandra Matus says that's not true.

In the end the Judge ordered the association make arrangements to pay the bill.

"You can't leave people cut off and without water and it's clear the association has money," says attorney William Pincus.

Scott Kelly with the city of West Palm Beach says he hopes to meet with the HOA president before Thursday on payment arrangements