Michael Antonoff sentenced to 8 years

Posted at 10:09 AM, Sep 06, 2016

The man convicted after federal agents say he tried to run them over during an undercover drug deal was sentenced to eight years in prison Tuesday.

Michael Antonoff was found guilty of possession with intent to sell an imitation controlled substance, and resisting arrest last month.

Antonoff insisted federal agents were trying to cover up for a shooting that he says could have killed him.


The incident happened in the El Dorado Furniture parking lot in May 2015.

Investigators say it happened while agents conducted an undercover drug operation.

Surveillance video taken of the incident shows at least one agent stepping out and shooting at Antonoff. What happens off camera is unclear.

At Tuesday's sentencing, Antonoff's wife testified that he still has a bullet lodged in his arm, paralysis in his hand, and limited movement in his upper body from being shot.

A federal agent testified that Antonoff tried to sell them fake cocaine and then attempted to escape by speeding off. At that point agents shot him-- saying he was coming at them with the vehicle.

Antonoff's defense has argued he wasn't violent when he tried to drive off and that agents were trying to cover up what happened when he was shot.

Judge Krista Marx noted Antonoff’s criminal history before she gave him two years less than the maximum sentence. "You decided to engage in this criminal activity for the sole purpose of lining your own pocket. You continued with a career in crime. It was your choice,” the judge said.

At Tuesday's sentencing he was given credit for time already served.