Search for fake cop heats up in Palm Beach Co.

Posted at 11:43 PM, Mar 30, 2016

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says it may be close to tracking down a police impersonator thanks to tips from NewsChannel 5 viewers, but detectives are still looking for more information.

Detectives now believe the female victim may have been targeted.

She was driving home from work around 3 a.m. heading north on Military Trail when what looked like a uniformed officer in an unmarked SUV flagged her over, according to PBSO.

Detectives said the fake cop told the woman to pull into the dark parking lot of a closed Wendy's fast food restaurant. She wisely pulled into a well lit gas station next door instead.

Detectives said the imposter walked up to the woman's car wearing a gun and a holster and started being very sexually suggestive.

The woman knew something was wrong, started to call 911 and the fake cop took off.

PBSO says surveillance video has not been helpful, and now they're hoping someone recognizes the sketch the victim was able to help them create.

NewsChannel 5 brought the sketch around to people who live and work in the area. No one could place the face but they all say they'll be on the lookout.

"Does it concern you that there is somebody out there possibly targeting women?" asked NewsChannel 5's Jared Werksma.

"Yes it does," said Rose Fiallos who drives home from work on Military trail herself everyday.

"It scares me a lot because you never know, it could go from women, to kids, to anybody," Fiallos added.

PBSO says tips have been extremely helpful so far and they may be close to an arrest. The victim described the suspect's car as a silver or gray SUV possibly a Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon.

If you have any information your asked to contact PBSO or Crime Stoppers.