Residents noticing more and more iguanas

Posted at 7:38 PM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-03 19:38:40-05

When Shawn Fahey rides his bike or walks along Congress Avenue, he sees a lot of birds near this canal. He also sees iguanas roaming just several feet from him.

"One hundred just here, little ones. They are all about the same size. but you'll see them in a hot day all running," Fahey said.

Fahey says the past six months the iguana population seems to be growing. "There's the big one. he's the big, big, boss. He's in that tree there. He is there all the time."

Wildlife expert David Hitzig, with the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, says residents have been calling him about the very same thing. He says one reason we're seeing more iguanas-- they thrive as long as the weather stays warm.

"There's not a whole lot preying on them. when they are smaller they are easier prey for raccoons and foxes and things like that. but when they get a little bit bigger, most animals don't want to mess with them and the iguanas are pretty fast."

Hitzig says they love water and plants."Iguanas like these green iguanas love to eat flowers, hibiscus flowers are  absolutely a delicacy to them and they just love it."

His advice to homeowners who are worried, "If it's something that you don't want to live on your property you are going to have to hire an independent trapping company to come out and do that."

As for Fahey who sees them every day, "I always yell, iguana just to make them run. Sometimes they will jump in the water," he says.

For more information about iguanas, contact the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter