Report: West Palm Beach in top 10 for presidential campaign ads

Posted at 11:55 PM, Aug 10, 2016

Waves of ads have hit the Sunshine State. Three TV markets in Florida are in the top ten for the Presidential Election and advertising dollars.

According to NBC News, Orlando ranks #1 with $8.1 million in ads. Tampa is second with $3.4 million. Coming in at 8th, West Palm Beach at $3.4 million.

"Not surprised that a lot of money is being spent in this area."

Political analyst Brian Crowley says democrats have to do well in Palm Beach County.

"If a democratic candidate doesn't do well in Palm Beach County, they're not going to win this state and they have to win by big numbers in Palm Beach County and also Broward," says Crowley.

That may explain why Team Clinton is spending a ton of money not just here but in the state as a whole.

To date Clinton's spending nearly $22 million on ads compared to just $1.5 million from Team Trump.

"Whatever it takes whether its knocking on doors, boots on the ground. It's a ground game," says Deidra Newton of the Democratic Party of Palm Beach County.

Former chair of the Republican Party in Palm Beach County, Sid Dinerstein says there's a reason for that.

"Appears to be very little value to the Presidential ad spending, but I want to emphasize this year," says Dinerstein.

Crowley has a different take, "I think he simply believes he can do it all with free media and for him the evidence suggests it got me this far why do I need to do traditional politics."