Renewed search efforts for missing local man

Posted at 5:33 PM, Apr 01, 2016

It's been two months since Darryl Fornatora was supposed to return home to West Palm Beach following a surfing trip to the Dominican Republic.

"The torture of not knowing sends your mind down some horrific paths," said his sister, Christina Hendrex.

Darryl's wallet was found in the waters off Cabarete two weeks ago, and since then, his sister said search crews have started re-tracing their steps.

The search will focus on both land and in the water, including caves found off the coast.

"Those caves were looked at before but they do want to take a second look with some professional divers," his sister said.

She added that oceanographers are helping with the search, in case Darryl drowned.

"They're studying the currents and the water there to come up with the possibilities. There are limited possibilities of what could happen to a body if someone were to drown, where they will go, where the currents will take them," Christina said.

Family and friends have raised money to go towards a reward for Darryl's safe return.

That money adds up to one million Dominican pesos, which is about $21,000.

"We're definitely trying to encourage those on the island to pay attention to the guy walking down the street and see if we can generate any sightings," Christina said.

While the family is holding out hope that Darryl may be alive, they realize that may not be the case.

"Unfortunately it feels like the probability of that being the case gets smaller and smaller each day," she said.

Christina went to the Dominican Republic days after Darryl went missing, and she said the island was plagued with crime.

Had she known that prior to his trip, she said she may have told her brother to go somewhere else for his surfing vacation.