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Radley Horwitz, son of Donna Horwitz, takes the stand in murder retrial

Posted at 8:05 PM, Jun 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-02 20:06:11-04

Radley Horwitz, taking the stand Friday, says as upset as he was with his father, he was just a bystander the night of September 30, 2011.
He says he woke up to gunshots, walked into his parents bedroom, and caught the glimpse of his father Lanny Horwitz laying on the ground in the bathroom.
His mother Donna Horwitz was frantic. 
“She was absolutely hysterical,” he says. She was saying my name several times - ‘Radley, Radley, your father, your father.’ 
Prosecutors say Donna Horwitz fired 10 shots with 2 different revolvers at her husband.

Radley say the two hit rocky times, getting divorced, re-married, and then divorced again in the span of ten years.
He says as they tried to reconcile, Suspected infidelity on Lanny's put his mom on edge.
“She said to me on several occasions 'he's being so mean to me’,” he says.
Prosecutors says it was her motivation for murder.

It's the second time Donna Horwitz been on trial in less than five years, after the Florida Supreme Court overturned her conviction last year. 
Also for the second time,  the defense is attempting to pin the murder on Radley Horwitz. 
Lawyers saying resentment for his father, and the promise of insurance money were the driving force. 
The state meanwhile hoping his testimony shows Donna Horwitz was the only one that could've pulled the trigger 
The trial will continue Monday, with several more witnesses expected to testify before the trial wraps up.