President Trump is back in town and so are politicial ads

Posted at 8:23 PM, Mar 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-17 20:23:32-04

President Trump is back in Palm Beach County and so are political ads. Advocacy groups are buying ad time during shows the president is known to watch, like Saturday Night Live or Meet the Press.

Outside pressure groups are now heading to the West Palm Beach media market to show TV ads when President Trump is at Mar-a-Lago. 

"I've never seen ads speaking directly to a president, especially this early in his presidency," said WPTV Political Analyst Brian Crowley. 

The President can watch anti-abortion ads from the Susan B. Anthony List group on one show and an ad about a cancer survivor by Planned Parenthood on another. 

"Previous presidents didn't watch that much TV," Crowley said. "They usually had someone on their staff prepare the news of the day for them. President Trump certainly watches a lot of television. If you're trying to get a message to the president this might be the best way"

An ad agency said they had bought ad space in New York, assuming the President would be in the city over the weekend. When his plans changed they scheduled to run it in the D.C. area only to change it again and air it in West Palm Beach. 

Jaime Benner, one of the founders of the Cancer Survivor's Network for Planned Parenthood, said in a statement: " I hope that President Trump sees our ad in West Palm Beach and understands what’s really at stake”

The ads are not bringing in a lot of cash. The Planned Parenthood ad only costs around $600 but advocacy groups are hoping it will send a strong message to the President and his staff. 

"I guess we've entered the period of never-ending campaigns," Crowley said. 

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