Police hoping someone recognizes knife

Posted at 6:42 PM, Dec 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-10 18:42:58-05

West Palm Beach Police are hoping someone recognizes a blue knife with a spider on it.

It's the knife investigators found lodged in a city employee's hand at Woodlawn Cemetery on October 30.

"He was aiming toward his heart. Patrick put up his hand. Thank God he did. That is the way he was taken to the hospital with the knife through his hand," the victim's mother Patricia Tranchese said.

Patrick says the attacker said "Pat, Pat" before the attack.

He is still unable to move his hand and will need further surgery.

"Emotionally, it is something a mother should never see. He relives that attack over and over again," Tranchese said.

Patricia says the big picture of the story goes deeper.

She says he spent years working at the West Palm Beach water treatment plant.

"He was worried about safety. He sent emails. He was even on the safety committee," Tranchese said.

Patrick's friend and coworker Herminio Padilla fell thru a grate at the plant and died.

Patrick was distraught, and that is when his mother says he was transferred to the cemetery.

"How did he feel about going into the cemetery? Not good at all. Not good at all. Constant reminder of death," Tranchese said.

Police say the suspect took off on foot.

If you have any information, or recognize the knife, call Crime-stoppers at 561-458-TIPS.