PBC Commission gives green light for new Christian school in suburban Delray Beach

Posted at 5:46 PM, Dec 07, 2016

Palm Beach County commissioners gave the green light for the Divine Savior School Project off Lyons Road.

Opponents say they will not give up their fight saying the school will cause dire traffic conditions in their community.

Hundreds of people turned out in commission chambers wearing two colors: red and blue. They were patriotic about their community and passionate about a proposed new Christian school in suburban Delray Beach.

“I’m completely opposed to this project and I know of no one, anyone that supports it,” said a woman during public comment.

A man in favor the project said, “I speak in great favor of this project, I'm excited as a father as a husband, as a dad and as pastor of Hope.”

For more than five hours, engineers and consultants addressed traffic and congestion concerns.

Carlos Leyrer is the President of Divine Savior Ministries. “We’re excited,” he said. “We praise God. Our motto is work hard, pray humble, Give God all the glory and so today is a give God all the glory day.”

Neil Schiller represents Mizner Country Club, a community of more than 400 people living across the street from the property.

“We’re very upset and disappointed with the decision,” said Schiller. “We really feel that our community’s safety is still at risk.”

The school has agreed to build a left and right hand turn lane by August next year.

“What it brings to the community is children who build, they have character,” said Jackeline Allers, whose son attends Divine Savior Academy in Doral.

The school aims to complete construction by January 2018.

Schiller says he plans to file an appeal in the next 30 days in Palm Beach County Circuit Court.