Palm Tran: Driver prevents potential injury or death of falling pedestrian

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A pedestrian who stumbled in front of a Palm Tran bus could have been seriously injured or even died if it wasn't for an alert driver, according to the transit agency.

The incident happened May 6 as Thomas Guthy was driving near Clematis Street and Olive Avenue.

Palm Tran says Guthy was able to stop just in time when a woman fell in front of his bus. The agency said the scene was recorded by bus surveillance cameras.

“Either fate or maybe there’s another plan.  Someone’s up there watching out for her and just happened to be me," Guthy said in an interview. “Just a normal day for me, really.  There’s other heroes out there, man.  Other heroes."

Palm Tran says no one was seriously injured and it has officially recognized Guthy for his commitment to safety.


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