Problems caused by power outage at Palm Beach International Airport

Power has since been restored
Posted at 12:32 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-14 18:45:35-05
Palm Beach International Airport lost power for a few hours Monday. 
For a time, luggage machines did not work properly and bags had to be handed out manually. 
"They got us all together and one by one, they manually took it out and called us each by name," said Doni Greenblatt after he picked up his luggage."It was about a 45 minute wait...very frustrating after a long day of traveling and wanting to get home and settled." 
Some passengers said they had to wait almost an hour for their luggage.  
Others had to wait an hour or longer to get their boarding passes. The lines for ticket counters were out the door and stretched outside of the airport. 
Lights inside the terminal were dim during the outage. Baggage carousels, ticket kiosks and escalators were down. 
No flights were canceled but some passengers said they were not allowed to board their flights. 
"They're letting you go through security, but the jetways, they're not working, so you can't get on the airplane, so the planes aren't leaving either," said Ross Condon, who was trying to get home to Indianapolis. 
Some incoming passengers said they had to wait and hour and a half to deplane because the jetways were not working. 
"They told us pretty much that the power was out, that they couldn't get the normal jetway to the plane and that they would be bringing us the air stairs," said Vicki Vick, who claimed she waited for more than an hour to get off of her plane. 
The airport said it used emergency generators during the outage. It's unclear what caused the power to go out. Airport officials say the cause is under investigation.