Palm Beach County set to discuss future of Uber

Posted at 7:53 PM, Apr 04, 2016

The popular ride sharing service Uber is once again set to go under the microscope here in Palm Beach County. 

At Tuesday’s county commission meeting, leaders set to begin a important discussion - one that will impact the future of Uber in the county.

Uber, meanwhile, hopes their customers will stand by them in support.

Sandy Khalifa says Uber is more than just convenient.

She's brand new to the area, and says with as many early morning trips she makes - its necessary.

“It was scary for me, getting on the highway, getting on the highway at that time, not knowing where I'm going,” Sandy says.

Sandy says she can't imagine life without the service.

This, on the eve of the latest round in Palm Beach County's Uber fight.

Commissioners holding the first reading of an ordinance that could tighten Uber regulations - as far as insurance and driver regulations and background checks go.

Brock Rosayn says he would support tighter regulations.

“All vehicle for hire drivers - whether, they be a taxi, a sedan, a limousine or a TNC driver must do fingerprint background checks,” he says. 

Rosayn represents over 600 Palm Beach County vehicle for hire drivers.

He says if they have to fall in line with regulations, so should Uber.

“Everything that the industry is asking for is in the interest of consumer protection and public safety,” Rosayn says.

Before an extension on a temporary agreement last month, Uber threatened to pull out of the county if tougher regulations were passed.

In advance of Tuesday’s meeting, the company is reaching out to customers with an email, asking them to "Tell commissioners what Uber means to you."

Sandy is one of those customers.

“I feel very secure knowing who I'm getting,” she says. “I have his name, I have his telephone number...I even have his rating.”

She hopes hearing from her, and others, makes a difference, “I hope they're listening, I hope they'll keep Uber in Palm Beach County.”

Uber sent out statement calling the ordinance as it is now “carefully crafted and well thought out."

The discussion will take place at the county government center at 9:30 a.m.