Local limb surgery attracts people worldwide

Posted at 10:02 AM, Feb 03, 2016

A West Palm Beach doctor is helping children from all over the world with limb surgery at St. Mary's Medical Center.

Three-year-old Sasha does things most toddlers enjoy like reading with mom and playing. But because Sasha was born with a deformed leg, she has a hard time running or even standing for long periods of time.

Her mother, Irina Belova said, "It's a congenital condition she does not have her fibula bone and that's why her ankle was unstable. Our local doctor he told us about Dr. Paley since she was two weeks old."

They traveled to The Paley Institute at St. Mary's Medical Center where Dr. Dror Paley has started a series of surgeries to help Sasha.

"I don't amputate their legs. I don't take the easy road. The reconstruction of these very deficient and deformed bones and joints is not easy," said Dr. Dror.

He added, "I have developed more than 100 different surgical procedures over these 30 years and these kids are the beneficiaries, but I don't give up on them."

Each of these pins represents the patients who have traveled for this type of surgery. Now, Sasha is from Russia, but she's not the only one who travels that far. Patients have come from all over the world.

"Yesterday I operated on a girl from Australia and another girl from Poland this morning I'm operating on a child from Poland and during the week one of Saudi Arabia," said Dr. Dror.. 

The program is giving children hope. "That's probably what makes me go to work every day and brings a smile to my face and warms my heart all the time and all these kids around the world. But some of them are adults and they bring their kids in for me to look at."

Irina, Sasha's mother said, "I hope that she will not have any restrictions so she will be able to run, jump and do everything a normal child does."