Florida is a cheaper place for auto repairs

Posted at 6:47 PM, Mar 21, 2016

Florida residents are paying less than most Americans when it comes to having their cars fixed, according to a new study. The RepairPal Institute ranks Florida as the 19th most inexpensive state for automobile repairs.

Owner of Reile's Auto Body, Franco Lopez says the high number of mechanics in the state helps drive prices down.

"Little body shops, they go cheaper," Lopez says.

And when they do, he adds, he is often is forced to lower his price. Many service rates are negotiable, if a customer asks.

"Nothing you can do about it," he says.

Greg Salazar, who is the manager of Maaco Collission Repair and Auto Painting, says weather also plays a factor. He says sun and salt air aren't as harsh on vehicles as the cold, so cars in Florida often don't require as complex of fixes as those up north.

"They have to deal with the rust repairs and things like that," Salazar sasys. "That can get a little bit more pricey."

The study's rankings reflect weather as a factor. Many northern states are listed as more expensive. Alaska is listed as having the highest prices for repairs.

Many southern states are listed as being cheaper. According to the study, West Virginia is the cheapest place to have your car repaired.