Neighbors helping neighbors in West Palm Beach

Posted at 6:26 PM, Oct 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-08 18:44:17-04

An intense clean-up is ongoing throughout our area.

First Responders are doing everything they can to help, but neighbors are also pitching in as well.

There's a sense of relief on Sunset Road in West Palm Beach.

"Another 10-15 feet it would have taken out the roof," says Scotland Reid.

Reid's backyard tree fell just beyond his roof and caused minor damage to his patio.

"I mean overall we got lucky," says Reid.

His neighbors have come to the rescue.

"Started about an hour ago and it's just chainsaws and handsaws cutting this all down and trying to get this all figured out."

The tree fell late Friday on top of some power lines. He waited until Saturday afternoon for FPL to cut off the power.

People like Bruce Vanderee who lives across the street is helping out.

"No good deed goes undone. I know if I needed help he's able to help me. He put up my shutters," says Vanderee.

Luis Garcia is a retired firefighter in Palm Beach County. He's been helping out up and down our area.

"We've been handing out bottled water and flashlights," says Garcia.

These are just some examples of acts of kindness and for people like Reid, it gets them through these tough situations.

"Neighbors here have been great all the Flamingo Park neighbors. They have just been awesome."