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Neighbors helping neighbors clean up from Hurricane Irma

Posted at 7:39 PM, Sep 12, 2017

If you listen closely, chances are you'll hear chainsaws no matter where you are in the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.

At the Palm Lake Co-op community of mostly seniors, those chainsaws are helping clean up efforts.

Nancy Baker is one of the residents. "Three enormous avocado trees all down and uprooted but none of them hit my house or my neighbor’s house, so I'm very fortunate there," she said.

For the people living here --this is how they'll remember Hurricane Irma. First, the whipping winds and downed trees. Then the team of helpers who arrived.

Lou Rossi is one of the good Samaritans. "I just do it out of the kindness of my heart and I hope that somebody will help me when i need it. All of these people that live in this park are nice people," he said.

These good Samaritans say they are more than willing to help, especially since many of the residents here are out of town.

Gorman Ericksen is another good Samaritan. "People that are gone. snowbirds and Canadians and we are trying to take care of their house. They are all concerned, we've been taking pictures sending them up," he said.

Ericksen and his dog Gus used their golf cart to check on everyone's home to lend a helping hand. "You get out in the morning and try to give people a hand, that's all we do," he said. "It is a great community, people help each other and whenever there's a problem in any house there's people to help."