Near-record heat in West Palm Beach

Posted at 5:03 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 18:51:50-04

On a day that the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory in Palm Beach County, it  reached 94 degrees in West Palm Beach. But it felt even hotter.

Plumber Haas Hasan tried not to think about the heat Tuesday.
“It's like being in the attic, trapped in the closet, no a/c, no breeze, no ventilation,” said Hasan.
He’s covered from head to toe to protect himself from the sun while he digs a water line outside in the blazing sun.
“You cover up,” said Hasan. “It helps it out. Long shirts, covering up your neck keeps the moisture in, doesn’t let it go out.”
Hasan heard temperatures would soar today. so he said that he started drinking water long before he went outside. 
“If you know you're going to be in the heat the next day, hydrate yourself that night,” said Hasan.
He learned from experience that waiting to drink water until you’re thirsty can be a big mistake.
“In this heat you'll never catch up,” explained Hasan. “You'll sweat it out faster than you can put it in.”
Being out in the heat isn’t just uncomfortable, doctors say it can be dangerous.
“They can get a high fever, their heart rate can get very high, they can feel really dizzy or light-headed,” said Dr. David Sturm, an emergency room doctor at Delray Medical Center.

Gus Ramirez owns contracting company Painting Express. He overseas jobs from Miami to West Palm Beach.

“On exterior jobs we charge an extra 20 percent more and it's due to the heat,” said Ramirez. “You have to have more guys on the jobs, more breaks that you take.”
Leak technician Jody Morton says the heat isn’t as bad in his line of work.
“You're sweating constantly but you build up a tolerance,” said Morton, as he looked for a leak in a pool.
But he knows spiking temperatures can still take a toll.
“If you feel yourself getting light-headed, get in the shade,” said Morton. “Don't push yourself so hard. You're going to end up passing out somewhere.”

If you work outdoors, doctors suggest drinking four cups of water for every hour you’re outside. Sunscreen is a must.

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