MoonFest preps underway for Saturday

Posted at 9:20 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-30 10:17:17-04

Downtown West Palm Beach is gearing up for MoonFest 2016.

Most of the set up will happen early Saturday morning with street closures, fencing and stage build up.

Although, downtown is already feeling the hype.

“Over the years it’s grown into I believe one of the biggest one-day Halloween street festivals in the country,” said Maurice Costigan, the director of Moonfest.

Tens of thousands will make their way to Clematis for the Saturday night fun.

There will be live music, 3 stages and costume contests.

New this year will be 2 haunted houses.

“It generates a huge amount of economies around town,” said Castigan.

In fact, this is the reason MoonFest was started originally, to boost downtown business.

“Our business doubles compared to a normal night,” said Sean Scott, owner of Subculture Coffee on Clematis. “Whenever you bring 30 plus thousand people downtown, if you’re a business on this street its going to positively affect you.”

Safety and security is a top priority for this event. West Palm Beach police say there will be increased patrols Saturday night and a curfew in place for minors.

Moonfest is only for those 21 and older and there will be a tight security check before you can enter.

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