Missing surfer's cellphone found

Posted at 11:16 AM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 11:16:55-04

The cellphone of Darryl Fornatora, the Palm Beach County surfer who disappeared in the Dominican Republic earlier this year, has been found, according to his family.

They say it was in the back of a rental car he and a friend used on the trip.

His family says an employee took the phone and switched out the sim card. Detectives were still able to track it and found it in March.

The family was told no useful information was found on it.

Fornatora disappeared at the end of January. His wallet was found at sea in March.

The family said they were also notified in March about Darryl's cellphone but was advised not to speak about the discovery at the time.

The Fornatora family has hired a private investigative firm to look into the case