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Marsh Harbour destroyed by storm

Posted at 11:55 PM, Sep 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 17:45:12-04

MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas — It doesn't take long on the ground in Marsh Harbour to realize the enormity of a natural disaster and the trauma it left behind.

“The roof was yanked off the house,” said resident Majorie Gaitor. “Everything was being plucked up out of the road and being tossed around.”

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The horror of one night for local Bahamians still fresh as they emerge each day from ruins in search of anything that resembles normalcy.

Marsh Harbour sits lifeless and powerless. Two story structures were reduced to one story. Others are a shell of their own. Vegetation is brown. And boats are blown miles inland from what was their anchor at a marina.

“We never expected for something like this to happen especially to Abaco. For most people it’s a total completely nightmare. I keep pinching myself thinking I'm gonna wake up,” said resident Tony Russell.

The economic hub of the Abacos has been brought to a standstill. It now sits in intense heat as search and rescue teams comb through debris. People have been asked to simply leave since there is nothing left.

“It breaks your heart, but it feels so good to be able to take some of the resources, the abundant resources we have at home, and help our friends in the Bahamas,” says John Workman, a Palm Bach County volunteer on the ground in Abaco.

Private plane after private plane takes supplies in and survivors out. While the constant roar of rotors moves relief to affected areas. It is the beginning of an overwhelming effort that has no end date in sight. Yet for some it’s a sign of hope that tomorrow will better than today.

“Those of us who are able to we should stay and help to rebuild, this is our home,” said Gaitor.