WATCH: Teen roasted, prodded on morning shows

Posted at 11:32 AM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 12:06:06-05

Malachi Love-Robinson, the teen accused of practicing medicine without a license and theft, made the rounds of the morning network talk shows. And his moment in the national spotlight did not go well.

The hosts of NBC's "Today" show made fun of Love-Robinson after his interview aired. After it was mentioned that he had hired lawyers for his case, Al Roker used air quotes to joke, "They're not really 'attorneys.' They're just people who looked at law books" prompting Savanah Guthrie, Natalie Morales and Willie Geist to laugh. 

Guthrie responded, also using air quotes, "He didn't follow a 'traditional path.'"


Meanwhile, over on ABC's "Good Morning America," Love-Robinson was interviewed by correspondent Matt Gutman.

When Gutman asked if Love-Robinson had medical training, Love-Robinson explains that he has "shadowed many doctors."

Eventually, when Gutman asked if Love-Robinson was a fraud, the teen replied, "I don't appreciate your tone," and when Gutman pressed, asking Love-Robinson, are you "in big trouble," the teen replied, I"m going to have to cut this interview short," and walked off.

Love-Robinson spoke exclusively to WPTV's Michelle Quesada Wednesday night. Watch the interview below.