Local law enforcement officers headed to Dallas to help support friends and family of fallen officer

Posted at 7:43 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 19:43:38-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Two members of the West Palm Beach Police Department are headed to Dallas, Texas to take part in the funerals for officers killed during last week's shootings.

Detective Ron Robbins will be in attendance. He's part of the West Palm Beach PD honor guard.

When his lieutenant asked for volunteers to take the trip, he says he was the first to sign up.

"Brothers and sisters in blue-- in the uniform. I know what they represent, what they stand for, what they're there for. It's just tragic," Robbins said.

JetBlue is covering the cost of flights for officers headed to the funerals.

The West Palm Beach Police Foundation is covering the cost of any other expenses from the trip.

Gregg Weiss, president of the foundation, said it was only right to help out.

"Makes me very proud to be a part of this, to help support police officers during this time," Weiss said.

He said he was heartbroken to hear the news of the shootings in Dallas.

"An attack on the people that are there for us is really an attack on all of us," Weiss said.

Det. Robbins said he appreciates all the support. Not only is the department getting help to cover the costs of the trip, but it's also getting support from the community.

On Wednesday, flowers and a "thank you" card from an anonymous donor were spotted outside police headquarters. The gift was delivered in the wake of the Dallas shootings.

"It's very honorable. I'm very grateful for that-- to know that people out there that don't even know me or any of us here-- that they feel that way about us," Robbins said.

He said the attack on law enforcement was especially troubling to him.

"It took me by surprise. It angered me-- what they're doing to those who are supposed to be helping them," Robbins said.

He added that even though he didn't know the people who died, he said he could still feel the pain of their loss.

"We are there for every person, whether they like us or not. We will always respond and be there for them," he said.

Members of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and Martin County Sheriff's Office are already in Texas as well to be a part of the honor guard.

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