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LemonAid: Teaching the true meaning of Memorial Day

Posted at 8:31 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 20:31:34-04

For many, Memorial Day weekend means beer, barbecue and trips.

But here's a sobering number, over a million and a half people have given their lives in service to this country since 1776. And a group of local kids are launching a new effort to remind us all what this holiday is all about.

It's called LemonAid. One glass at a time, these boys and girls are here to remind you: The true message of Memorial Day.

"Children -- learning the value and the costs of their freedoms and opportunities," said Lyette Reback, founder of LemonAid. "You'll see all of these Memorial Day sales, people going to the beach, having a BBQ and that is part of the official kick off of summer, but all of those opportunities were bought and paid for with a lot of blood spilled on this soil and foreign soil."

Reback, a local mom of 16 kids, launched LemonAid this week. It's another project behind her non-profit charity, Believe With Me. The charity has worked on various efforts to help families, from wrapping gifts for Gold Star children who lost a parent in combat to giving flowers to widows of war.

The money generated this weekend with LemonAid will build and renovate houses for Gold Star families in need.

"One dollars or five dollars but it can add up to make a huge difference in the life of a family that has lost their son and does not currently own a piece of the country that he died fighting for," said Reback.

Reback spoke of families they've helped by renovating their homes.

"When they rolled up and got out of that car and saw their home beautifully furnished and decorated, a flag made out of firehoses hanging above the door. That was so incredibly rewarding," she said.

But for the kids this weekend, it's more than just lemonade.

"It's so important to build their character and to show them that there's more in this world than just themselves," said Rachel Godin, a Jupiter Farms mother setting up stand with daughters this weekend.

"The freedom to fail, the freedom to succeed, freedom for an education, to play sports. All of that cost someone, dearly," said Reback.

If you want to participate, i's easy to sign up. Just go to to register. It's just a $25 donation to register and you get two t-shirts to wear at your stand. Click here for more information.