Judge won't drop charge against Amanda Dahl

Posted at 6:36 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 18:59:16-05

There was nothing easy for Aja Raymond about being in the same room as the woman police say ran over and killed her son Khiar.

"It is hard. Really hard. Some days I just want to scream," Raymond said outside the courthouse on Friday.

While emotional, Raymond also left relieved.

A judge deciding not to drop the enhanced "vulnerable road user" charge against Amanda Dahl.

Dahl is accused of the hit and run that left 15 year old Khiar Raymond dead days before Christmas in 2014.

The teenager was walking home from a basketball game when police say Dahl hit him in her Mercedes and then took off.

"People will stop for dogs and cats in road, and you hit someone's child or you hit someone's aunt or mother or father and then you just leave," Raymond said.

The new law that applied to this case was passed just within the last few years.

It is geared toward protecting law abiding pedestrians.

Dahl's defense questioned whether Khiar Raymond was indeed law abiding. The attorney questioned whether Raymond was walking in the road or on the sidewalk.

"This new law is untested. So in terms of what does a vulnerable road user mean...there is going to be arguments on both sides because we don't have case law to rely on," News Channel 5 Legal Analyst Michelle Suskauer said.

Police say after Dahl left the scene, she returned later and pretended to be a bystander.

"If she saw me and she saw that I was distraught and she saw my son laying on the side of the road...that goes to show youu what type of person this is," Raymond said.

The prosecutor told the judge all the witnesses say the fifteen year old was not in the road when he was hit.

The trial is set to start in April.