Jose Perez-Decorcho: Bail set for teen accused of stabbing friend at Royal Palm High

Posted at 11:57 AM, Jun 22, 2016

 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.--Jose Perez-Decorcho went before a judge Wednesday morning for his first appearance.

The 16-year old was arrested in late May for allegedly stabbing his friend.

According to the arrest report, Perez-Decorcho was mad at his friend because he believed the other teenager was getting involved with a girl he liked.

A police report shows that Perez-Decorcho told police "he told the victim to stay away from the girl, or he would hurt him."

Perez-Decorcho brought a pocket knife with him to school on May 25 and planned on stabbing the victim when he knew the teen would be in the bathroom between classes, according to the report.

According to school police, Perez-Decorcho stabbed the victim at least 15 times.

In the courtroom Wednesday, the victim's family spoke before the judge.

The judge set bond at $250,000 and ordered Perez-Decorcho to house arrest once he's released from jail.

The victim's family voiced their concerns, because the two families live close to each other.

The judge discussed other options, like having Perez-Decorcho undergo house arrest at a relative's house in St. Lucie County, but the judge did say he wants to keep the 16-year old in Palm Beach County.

The next status hearing for the teen will be on August 2.