Alleged female pimp accused of slashing throat

Posted at 2:29 PM, Dec 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-02 14:29:45-05

A alleged female pimp is in the Palm Beach County Jail after being accused of slashing a woman's throat in a dispute over the prostitute's proceeds.

Jasmine Inoa, 27, is charged with attempted first degree murder and burglary with assault or battery.

According to a police report, the victim, Palma Charles, also 27, told investigators that she moved from Texas at the request of Inoa to work at her escort service on Congress Avenue just north of PBIA.

After arriving in Florida, Charles reported to Inoa's Gemini Club on Nov. 27 and performed a sex act, for which she was supposed to make $100. Charles was not paid at the end of her shift and was told by Inoa, who she knew as "Mimi," that the business would be closed the following day.

Two days later, on Nov. 29, Charles contacted Mimi and told her that she wanted to come and get her money and shoes, which she had left at Gemini. Mimi told her to come by and get her things.

When Charles arrived in an acquaintance's car, she was greeted by an unknown male who told her, "...You're not getting any money." Charles then picked up some rocks and threw them at the business.

As Charles was running away, she was attacked from behind by Inoa, who followed Charles back into the car. As the attack continued, Inoa pulled a box cutter from her bra and repeatedly slashed Charles' throat.

Eventually, another unknown male pulled Inoa off of Charles and ended the attack.

The driver took Charles to West Palm Hospital, where she was stabilized before being taken to St. Mary's Medical Center.

An officer who responded to the hospital found Charles bleeding profusely and being attended to by medical personnel.

Charles identified Inoa in a photo line-up and she was later arrested.