Hospitalized child, 3, battling cancer gets uplifting visit from Disney princesses

Posted at 5:30 AM, Aug 24, 2016

A young cancer patient at the Palm Beach Children's Hospital received an uplifting visit Tuesday by a group of volunteers dressed as Disney princesses.

Elsa, Cinderella, Bella and a bevy of other princesses made their through the hospital halls to visit 3-year-old Vanessa Garcia.

“It gives her a bit of a normal day, not just life in a hospital,” said one of the volunteer princesses.

Vanessa is battling a rare liver cancer and treatments can be grueling for her.


That's why the group, called "Princesses Against Cancer,” stepped in to bring a little joy to her life.

Forest Hill High school students started the non-profit organization to provide one thing: a smile in the face adversity.

“It reminds me why I do this because I see her reaction, how happy she gets, this joy I bring to her day,” said the volunteer princess.

For several hours, a slice of Disney joy took every fear away, including for a brief moment the reality of Vanessa's situation.  

“She always tells me she wants to go home, but when I told her about this, she was waiting happily. It really made her day, and I think for just a moment it made her forget about the situation she's in,” said Vanessa’s mom.

A few songs, a few strides and a few laughs made the day complete, and not just for Vanessa. Sometimes the joy of delivering such a gift can change your life.

“It definitely teaches you not to take every day for granted because you never know,” said the volunteer princess.

“Princesses Against Cancer” raises all of their money through fundraisers and travels across the state to help individuals suffering from diseases.