'Guys I got shots fired': Radio calls Michael Custer made after Seth Adams shooting in 2012

Posted at 12:43 PM, Mar 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 18:36:38-05

The call that PBSO Deputy Michael Custer made after he shot and killed Seth Adams at Adams' family nursery in Loxahatchee has been released. Listen above.

Custer is being sued by Adams' parents for excessive and unjustified use of force.

"I need you at A Road and Okeechobee, get me a unit," Custer can be heard saying at the beginning of the call.

A minute later he comes back on, "Guys I got shots fired ... give me some units," he requests more urgently.

"Shots fired, white male, he ran inside of a residence. He came at me, attacked me."

The dispatcher asks Custer if he is injured; he doesn't seem to respond. 

Custer then says, "I need EMS, he ran inside." Asked if the subject was hit, he replies "10-4. I got a subject hit."

Someone else on the radio asked if the subject is armed. At first it sounds like Custer replies, "No," But then says, "he ran inside. I don't know if he's armed or not."

That same person then tells Custer to, "Calm down, let's take it nice and slow."

"I was the only guy here," Custer says in response to the question if everyone is "10-4."

The person presumed to be the supervisor advises deputies to "lock it down."

Custer says, "Alright this is apparently the brother saying he's on the ground inside."

The supervisor replies, "10-4, let's secure the witness and secure the scene as best we can."

Custer: "We got EMS, he is hit."

Custer confirms that the scene is safe for EMS, and they are allowed to enter the area.

A moment later, Custer is asked where he is. "Go straight in the garden shop and you'll see us standing here. He's still conscious and breathing."

A moment later, someone says, "Be advised, Trauma Hawk is gonna be coming to Loxahatchee Groves school."

The Adams family is suing Custer, claiming he used excessive and unjustified force.


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