Hospital using new technology for breast cancer

Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 04, 2016

Crystal Pfannenstiel says she started worrying after her mammogram showed something unusual. She was told to have a biopsy.

She chose a new technology called Savi Scout. It uses electromagnetic waves to find the breast tissue that needs to be removed instead of using wires or a radiation seed to detect the cancer. 

"You're breast is numb, she does the insertion and you are good to go. The next day or the next week, you have your surgery," Crystal said.

"When we do surgeries like this, we need to be able to remove an abnormality including cancer and we want to take that out with without taking out a lot of normal breast tissue," Good Samaritan Medical Center breast surgeon Dr. John Rimmer said.

Crystal is thankful the procedure revealed she did not have breast cancer.

Dr. Rimmer says it's great technology. "It minimizes the amount of tissue you take out... which equates to a shorter, easier, recovery."

Melissa Taylor, a patient of Dr. Rimmer's, was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. While this new technology came after her breast cancer surgeries, she is hopeful for other breast cancer patients.

"I'm so thankful that there is technology and there are great surgeons out there. And people really caring making a difference, and people's futures can be changed," Melissa said.

"This method here is one of the best that I have encountered and I've had some other activities done and over the years. So I'm glad to see that we are stepping ahead in breast prevention cancer prevention," Crystal said.