Frustrations mount for some doctors, lawmakers as medical marijuana rollout continues in Florida

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 24, 2017

As one of the doctors in Florida that can recommend medical marijuana, Dr. Jonathan Adelberg urges caution to his patients. “I want people to operate - whether it's the speed limit or medicinal marijuana - inside the law.”

However, Dr. Adelberg says legalization hasn't been a smooth trip.

“The law is so fluid regarding medicinal marijuana, it's hard to navigate those waters,” he says.

And the doctor fears that turbulence may continue

Separate medical marijuana bills are currently moving through the Florida House and Senate after voters approved Amendment 2 in November

Lawmakers are far apart on agreeing what the law will allow, however.

For example, while the Senate bill bans smoking. The House bill bans smoking, vaping and edibles – and also allows fewer licenses.

As a result, Dr. Adelberg worries the needs of patients will ultimately be lost in the shuffle

“They're trying to craft a set of laws that are going to appease certain moralities associated with marijuana, vs the scientific facts,” he says.

We caught up with Florida State Representative Emily Slosberg, who said she doesn’t agree with the restrictions on the House bill.

“Whatever type is medically necessary should be allowed,” she says. “I think the voters spoke...we need to need to make sure doctors take the courses and start distributing medical marijuana the way it should be.”

For now, Dr. Adelberg has advice for medical marijuana users. “The best thing I can tell them is to be patient.”

Patience - as the growing pains of this budding industry continue

“There's nobody specific to blame,” he says. “It's a bureaucracy that wasn't really ready.”