Bar leader 'disappointed' in Dippolito's atty.

Posted at 7:26 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 19:26:46-05

A member of the Florida Bar Association Board of Governors says he is disappointed by statements made by Dalia Dippolito's attorney and that a complaint could be filed.

"My reaction to the video was disappointment," FL Bar Association Board of Governors member Gary Lesser said.

Lesser is referring to a live press conference given by Dippolito's California attorney Brian Claypool outside the Palm Beach County Courthouse.

"Even if he is an out of state attorney, he has to follow Florida law and our rules of conduct," Lesser said.

Lesser is upset by the statements Claypool made about Judge Glenn Kelley.

He says the Florida Bar has specific rules about "impugning qualifications and integrity" of judges.

During the press conference, Claypool said: "If the judge follows the sensational nature of the vides you saw again today, if the judge follows the drama in the videos, if the judge feels pressure from the community, if he rules in that regard then he is probably going to deny this motion."

Claypool is talking about a motion to throw out key evidence and drop the charges against Dippolito.

"When you basically say if a judge follows the law he will rule my way but if he is governed by publicity or salacious videos, well, meaning he is not going to follow the law and not rule in my favor. It's just too cute. So when a judge's credibility is impugned that way typically, we see a disciplinary file opened up," Lesser said.

Lesser says if attorneys apologize in situations like these, disciplinary action is usually not taken.

Claypool did not return calls for comments on Wednesday.