Fern St. in downtown West Palm to reopen Friday

Posted at 5:48 AM, Apr 22, 2016

Your commute through downtown West Palm Beach will be a little easier Friday morning.

Fern Street between Olive and Dixie Highway is scheduled to reopen at 7:30. It was closed for more than a month because of a wall collapse.

The Alexander Lofts building is undergoing repairs from an incident it experienced on March 3rd; that morning hundreds of bricks fell from its facade.

Because of concern about the structure's integrity many were forced to leave their apartments and sleep elsewhere. Those people have since returned and repairs continue.

The William W. Price Law Offices remains closed.

This week the firm filed a suit against Ram Realty in Palm Beach County Circuit Court demanding that Ram clean tons of bricks and wood scaffolding that is still crushing the building at 326 Fern Street.