Fans react to Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher's death

Posted at 9:55 PM, Dec 27, 2016

Friends and family of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher are expressing their grief.

Fisher passed away at the age of 60. 

Her portrayal of Leia, the tough, no nonsense heroine in the original 1977 movie shot her to superstardom.

She went on to reprise the role several more times, including in last year's 'The Force Awakens'

Fisher suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles last Friday, before passing away earlier Tuesday afternoon.

Thoughts and memories poured in not only from Hollywood, but also from our local community as well.

Fans remembered her not just for her acting on the silver screen.

"It's sad just to see how much she meant to fans all over the world, not just because of her portrayal of Princess Leia in the movies, but because of the stances she took and how outspoken she was," fan Mario Mendoza says.

"She did a lot of things other than just be a movie star," fan Jeff Zane says. "She was a writer and a philanthropist and she was going through some personal issues in her life, and she was able to come out a winner."

Fisher just finished filming her role in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, set to be released next year.

It remains to be seen how her death will affect the franchise moving forward.