Evaluating the cost of the '12 days of Christmas' in Palm Beach County

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - PNC Bank estimates the gifts listed in the song the 12 days of Christmas would run you more than $156,000.

So we decided to go out on our own hunt to see if I could do any better.

Our first stop - Jessica Hurley with Lone Palm Birds in Loxahatchee – who says a bird isn’t the ideal gift for your true love.

“You want to get him a bird…probably not the best idea,” she says.

PNC estimates the Partridge in the Pear Tree will run you $209

Two turtle doves - $375

Those 7 Swans a Swimming - more than $13,000

Jessica doesn't have any of those - but she has Egyptian Geese.

“To buy them here would be $30-$40 dollars apiece,” she says.

According to PNC's estimates, Six Geese-A-Laying would run you $360

“Wow, I'm undercutting myself!” Hurley says.

That's for the birds - but Darren Eastwood with Professional Jewelers knows what your true love really wants.

“Right now we have your basic golden ring - $200,” he says.

However, PNC’s estimates say those five golden rings will run you $750.

“Depending on how much you love her you can go up from there,” Eastwood says.

He says steady prices make it a good year to buy gold.

However, ANY time is a good time for music.

“Literally, the twelve days of Christmas is a song,” Victoria Canady with Music Center in West Palm Beach.

You want those 11 pipers piping prepare to pay up – to tune of $2,700 dollars.

“Christmas gigs are a little bit more expensive because they're during the holidays,” Canady says.

But what about the second half of that musical tandem - the 12 drummers drumming?

Local drummer John Favicchia, has played with everyone from Charlie Daniels to Eddie Money,

PNC says 12 drummers would cost you $2,900.

“That's reasonable,” he says. “Not the greatest, not the worst. I think it's in between. It’s really up to the artist and what he demands for his fees.”

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