Electoral College and the popular vote

Posted at 7:54 PM, Nov 10, 2016

Two days after the election, Donald Trump is the President elect -- says the Electoral College.

Hillary Clinton's political career is likely over, despite winning the popular vote.

Iran Cook, a voter said, "It does seem a little weird. If you are winning the popular vote, and everyone is voting for you, and your the most popular candidate, how are you not winning the elections?"

"There are 538 electoral college members, 29 of them come from Florida. Now that 29 is based on 27 congressional districts in the state and two US senate districts. So every state gets an electoral college number," Crowley analyst  Brian Crowley told WPTV.

But Crowley explained our founding fathers put the Electoral College in place for a reason.

"National polls are sort of irrelevant in elections. We certainly saw that when we found that out this time, because we elect presidents state by state."

The down side is, "This morning if you're a Hillary Clinton supporter, and you saw that she won the popular vote, you're very upset with the Electoral College system."

But the upside is that the Electoral College serves as an important "checks and balances.

 "I think without it, our presidency would be decided by a very small group, a very small area in higher population centers," " voter Terry Jones said.

A few states still have not yet been called.