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Dippolito jury selection continues

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 19:30:37-04

It was day two of jury selection in the Dalia Dippolito trial, looking for six jurors. 

Dippolito is on trial for a third time on charges she hired a hit man to kill her husband. 

More than a hundred jurors out of the 300 called to potentially serve said Friday that they knew about Dippolito and the charges against her. That forced the judge, the prosecution and the defense to ask more in-depth questions.

"Have you read anything, seen anything on TV or on the internet about the case?" Kelley asked a prospective juror. 

If jurors said their basic knowledge of the case didn't influence their opinion the judge asked them to return Tuesday. 

But if they admitted they watched extensive coverage of the case, especially the infamous "Cops" episode, showing Dippolito allegedly trying to hire a hire hitman, the judge dismissed them.

All potential jurors on Monday said they had some knowledge of the case which prompted the defense to ask the judge to excuse the rest of the panel. 

Judge Kelley said that while he can understand the request, he cannot dismiss potential jurors in bulk. 

In the first trial the jury convicted Dippolito but an appeals court granted her a second trial. 

The second jury could not reach a decision, ending in a mistrial. 

Now Judge Kelley is searching for a jury that can decide the case once and for all. 

Jury selection for the last trial took four days and it's expected to last at least that long this time around.