Digital organ debuts at Kravis Center

Posted at 12:24 PM, Mar 09, 2016

A first of its kind musical instrument can now be heard at the Kravis Center.

It is a digital organ. There are no pipes.

Developers spent nearly twenty years creating the instrument and the Kravis Center is the first performing arts hall in the world to feature it.

Alex Dreyfoos, the man behind the Dreyfoos School of the Arts, paid more than a million dollars to bring the Marshall & Ogletree-commissioned Opus 11 digital organ to the Kravis.

And he says you can't tell the difference between the digital organ and one with pipes. "This is a sampling of all the notes of real organs that are put together in such a way that the organ player can pick notes from that church or this theater and it's a total match-up."

Dreyfoos says he's wanted an organ at the Kravis Center for years-- but there was never enough space for one with pipes.

The new digital organ will be used when Cameron Carpenter and the Jacksonville Symphony perform Wednesday night.