Day 3 of SunFest brings large crowds, big acts

Posted at 11:51 PM, Apr 29, 2016

A beautiful Friday afternoon at Sunfest turned into a beautiful night for music and fun.

Thousands are making their way to downtown west palm beach over the next few days, hoping to catch their favorite musical acts.

In all 200,000 are expected to pack the waterfront over the course of the festival.

It's the 33rd year for SunFest - and fans say it never gets old.

Starting Friday, three stages are officially open for music fans to enjoy.

Among this weekend's acts - Alabama Shakes and The Roots.

But it's more than just the music.

For those looking to embrace their softer side, an arts and crafts exhibit features pieces both colorful and creative.

Folks we spoke to say SunFest has something for everyone.

"The best part of SunFest to me is the artwork man, I've been coming here for years, you have a couple of decent artists come out every now and again," says festival goer Brett Coleman. "Tonight Death Cab For Cutie. (I've) Been looking for them for years. So I'm excited to see that."

If you plan on going, It will be warm, so organizers are encouraging you to bring water with you as well as sunscreen.