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Jurors find Dalia Dippolito guilty in third trial

Posted at 11:16 AM, Jun 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 04:09:29-04

Jurors found Dalia Dippolito guilty of trying to hire a hit man to kill her then husband. She is now convicted of a first- degree felony.

The Boynton Beach woman tried three times is now in jail. Dippolito was convicted for the second time on Friday. Her 2011 conviction was overturned on appeal. Last December Dippolito was tried again, but jurors were deadlocked on a verdict. 

After nearly 90 minutes of deliberating, six jurors had a unanimous decision Friday afternoon. 

Dalia Dippolito called out for her mom when she learned she would not be able to remain on house arrest until her sentencing. A deputy forbidding her to hug or touch any of her family members while he took her into custody. 

"We're obviously devastated," said Defense Attorney Greg Rosenfeld. 

Dippolito's defense team celebrated somewhat of a victory when jurors were deadlocked 3-3 in Dippolito's last trial.
What changed the outcome of this trial? Her attorneys say prosecutors presented prior so-called 'bad acts' that were kept out of previous trials. 
"The prosecution going intro incredible detail about the prior relationship with Mike Stanley, these alleged planting of drugs on Mike Dippolito, the issue of allegedly poisoning Mike Dippolito," said defense attorney Brian Claypool. 
State prosecutors Laura Laurie and Craig Williams hugged out of their victory in the courtroom. A statement from the Palm Beach County State Attorneys Office said, "We are pleased that the hard work and perseverance of our prosecutors and staff have led to justice for this victim." 
Dippolito's ex-husband was called to testify for this trial. He did not testify in the last trial, but Dippolito's lawyers don't think that made the difference.
"This case was about demonizing Dalia Dippolito, they wanted that jury to go back there and hate this lady so much," said Claypool. 
Mike Dippolito did not publicly speak after the verdict, but released this statement:
"Obviously the jury could see through the defense's lies and antics and they got it right. I'm 5,000 % happy that justice was served once again," he said.
Mike Dippolito playing off the infamous comment that Dalia makes when a hit man asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with the murder for hire plot. In the video recorded by a hidden camera she says,"I'm 5,000 percent sure." 
Dippolito's lawyers argued police misconduct  throughout the trial, saying detectives pressured the confidential informant and rushed the investigation to be featured on a 'COPS' TV show. The attorneys said they will try to appeal the verdict.
"We're ready to fight. This fight is not over," said Rosenfeld. 
Dippolito is expected to be sentenced July 21 at 1:30 p.m.