Cuban community in West Palm Beach celebrates Castro death

Posted at 8:04 AM, Nov 27, 2016

Dozens gathered outside Havana Restaurant in West Palm Beach not only to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro but to celebrate freedom and hope for change.

The crowd yelled, "A sadist, a murderer!"

Cuban-Americans didn't hold back their emotion Saturday night. Each and every person celebrating shared their stories and how it directly impacted their lives.

"My husband was in prison for 5 years and he's killed many people," says Elaine Fandino.

At the Cuban-American Club in West Palm Beach, former Bay of Pigs prisoner Miguel Reyes remembers his 22 months locked up in his native country.

"Happy and at the same time a little sad remembering all my past friends who died," says Reyes.

Many say this day is more about holding out hope than celebrating a death.

"We love this country, but we want a free Cuba too," said another.