CrossFit iQ remembers Officer Christine Braswell

Posted at 5:56 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-18 06:32:37-04

Friends and colleagues of late Officer Christine Braswell, who was off duty when she died in a crash in Key West,gathered at CrossFit IQ Monday to complete a workout created in her name.


Christine Braswell's friends honored her in a way they are certain she would appreciate. They didn't gather together to tell stories, hug each other and share some tears. Instead, they worked out hard.

Officer Christine Braswell was never one to back down.

“She was very tough but that's what I appreciated because that was a role model and that's who you kind of want to be like." Said PBSO deputy Lashawnna Edwards.

PBSO Deputy Autumn Reyka, added, "She challenged us, she pushed us,” she said. “She made us do things that we didn't think we were capable of doing."

And even though she's no longer here, her spirit still pushes on.

Friends and colleagues gathered to complete a workout created in Braswell's name.

"I wanted the rep schemes to be represented by her badge number, which was 9-18, so I divided that number into two movements," said Wayne Lewis, a coach at CrossFit IQ

Just like Braswell, the workout challenged everyone to keep up instead of giving up, and as a team, they saw it through.

Once a mentor who took others under her wing, Braswell continues to motivate her friends to teach others.

“There's a lot of us that are willing to do so much more than we've done before because of who she was and what she left behind,” said Edwards. “We're going to pick up exactly where she left off and we plan on doing big things in her name.”

CrossFit IQ has shared the workout with other gyms so that anyone can participate and celebrate Braswell's memory.