Cribs donated to thankful families

Posted at 5:44 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 17:44:52-05

Two-month-old Dominick giggles as his mommy sings. His mother, Ashley Anderson is also smiling. She just received a Pack 'n Play Playard for free.

"I looked at some cribs in the range of  $150 to almost 300 and some of them are not even including the bed, just the frame," Anderson said.

She said it's a welcome gift. Dominick was growing out of his bassinet where he sleeps every night and a crib was just out of reach. "That's rent, gas, electricity, food, diapers and wipes so it's like it was a lot of money so I couldn't afford it."

Ashley is among 300 families who received one Friday.

A group called Clinics Can Help organized the donation in an effort to keep babies safe while they sleep.

"Inadvertently parents rolling over on children in the middle of the night, children falling out of beds that don't have bumpers or side guards," board member Richard Lubliner said.

The organization is hoping that next year they will be able to give away more of cribs to help babies like Dominick. "We won't feel good until every child in Palm Beach County is sleeping in a safe place," Lubliner said.

The donations will help moms sleep easier too.

"I'm actually thankful and grateful to every organization and company that has pulled through to allow me and every other parent that did receive one," Ashley said.

A local law firm also helped. Most of the cribs were given to organizations such as "Adopt A Family, El Sol, and the Caridad Center to name a few.

They will then distribute them to needy families. Clinics Can Help also takes used cribs, refurbishes them and gives them away to needy families. They also accept gently used medical equipment.