Crews cleaning up after SunFest

Posted at 5:56 PM, May 02, 2016
and last updated 2019-03-25 15:22:33-04

Crews will spend the next few days cleaning up the mess left behind by crowds at SunFest.

The five-day event wrapped up Sunday, but the total headcount isn't in yet.

Staff with the State Emergency Response Team, based out of Broward County, also were busy cleaning on Monday.

The group has been at SunFest the past three years, working out of a "triage tent" just north of the festival.

Kevin McGillicuddy is the team commander for the group out of South Florida.

"We can take care of anything from cardiac emergencies to simple things like people needing suturing or dehydration and cool place to relax," he said.

This year, Kevin said the team treated mostly people with dehydration or heat-related issues.

The group uses events like SunFest as training for more unpredictable situations like hurricanes.

"This gives us an opportunity to work together and train with the equipment we'd use on a real disaster," he said.

The group treated about one hundred people.

But West Palm Beach Fire Rescue firefighters also responded to at least 300 calls of service, varying from minor cuts and bruises to dehydration.

There were a handful of people taken to local hospitals for serious problems, according to first responders.

While crews were cleaning up on Monday, local businesses were reaping the benefits of the big crowds.

Maurice Costigan is the owner of O'Shea's in downtown West Palm Beach.

He says he saw more customers this year compared to last year.

"The crowds were very well behaved, there were no issues. Everything went very smoothly. It goes up and down depending on what bands are playing, and the weather of course," Maurice said.

There were a few issues during SunFest.

West Palm Beach Police arrested one man for trespassing during the event.

They are also investigating an alleged case of sexual assault.