Corey Jones supporters rally in WPB

Posted at 8:09 AM, Apr 18, 2016


For Clinton Jones, the first thing that comes to mind when he thinks of his son are the drums.

"The thing that he loved the most was his drums," he says.

At a rally in front of the State Attorney's office Monday, those drums were prominently displayed.

"This is how we deal with it - just letting people know what my son was all about."

That rhythm of the drums has become the rallying cry for Corey Jones' family - 'Keep The Beat Alive.'

Jones' family saying they are trying to keep hope alive as well.

"I believe that the state attorney is going to do the right thing," says Clinton. "I believe that he wants to do the right thing."

The right thing - to him - charging officer Nouman Raja.

It's been 6 months since Raja shot and killed Jones along I-95.

Since then Raja was fired, and Palm Beach Gardens police started a pilot program testing body cameras.

A full rollout is scheduled for this summer.

Potential charges for Raja, however, are still up in the air.

"What's really taking so long?" Corey's brother CJ asked. "If Corey did something wrong, then let us know, and let us live with that."

In a statement back in February - the State Attorney's office says it was still interviewing witnesses and testing evidence.

The family says the time its taking worries them.

"It's always in the back of your mind, because that's what's been happening," CJ says. "That's what we've been seeing, cops not being charged, our guys going down."

So as the beat of the drums echo through the walls of the State Attorney's office, Corey's family hopes someone is listening.

"We haven't forgotten our son Corey, and we wont forget about it," Clinton says. "We're going to get justice, one way or another."

We did reach out to the State Attorney for an update on the case.

A spokesperson simply tells me the investigation is ongoing.

Jones' family, meanwhile, tells us they are establishing the Corey Jones Scholarship Foundation in Corey's honor.



The family of Corey Jones held a rally in front of the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office six months after he was shot by a Palm Beach Gardens police officer.

The rally was organized by the group 'South Florida Cop Watch.’

Jones was shot and killed by Nouman Raja on October 18th.

The city of Palm Beach Gardens fired Raja a month later.

The State Attorney's Office released a statement  in February saying the investigation is still active.

The office says 100 potential witnesses have been interviewed in three countries and more than 30 states.

Family and friends say they are hoping for some sort of announcement from the State Attorney soon.

They hoped Monday's rally would send the message that they haven't forgotten about Jones' death.